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Specialists in installing new boilers and heating systems. Combi boiler replacement.

An existing combi boiler replacements normally straight forward as in most cases as the boiler is going into the same location. Installation normally required a new wireless programmer and room stat. Installations of this type are normally complete in one day.

Important factors about installation

Their are four main factors;

– Flushing
– Gas pipe upgrade to 22 ml
– Condensate pipe need to have a drain or sink outlet
– Location of flu

Boiler Replacement York


Its important that a new central heating system is properly flushed before the installation of a new boiler.

We have three different types of flush available;

– Chemical Flush – Chemicals go into the system to help to loosen any sludge in the radiators. The system is fully flushed through. An inhibitor is put back into the system.

– Power Flush- Large power flush machine is attached to the system. Each radiator is systematically flushed through. Only recommended on relatively new heating system due to the amount of pressure the power flush uses as it can cause leaks on old heating systems.

– Magna Flush- this is our most preferred method of flushing. Its involved attached the magna flush machine to one of the radiators. The system is then flushed through which generally takes 2 hours. 99% of all the sludge in the system is metallic (Rust). With the magna system this is connected in single pass.

– Magna filters are also a good idea. This is a small filter about the size of a can of beans and it is fitted on the central heating return pipe next to the boiler. It filters out all the sludge in the system and also protects the boiler. Check out our latest offers on Worcester Bosch filters and the 8 year warranty.

Conventional Gravity System To Combi Swap

This is becoming one of our most popular installations as switching from a conventional system to a combi boiler can save you up to 40% on your gas bill. Installation required removal of the hot water tank and all header tanks. We then create a sealed system. The benefits of this are increased hot water pressure and increased speed of the heating system, and hot water on demand. With these types of installations, we normally assign a two man team and aim to complete within two days. All electrical work is also included.

Conventional System Boiler Swap

This is generally replacing the existing boiler in the same location. These boilers are known in the trade as heat only boilers. Although they do control the hot water as well as the heating. This boiler installation retains the existing cylinder and the header tanks. Installation guidelines are the same as the Combi boiler installation. additional work is required for wiring pump over-rum. We often recommend upgrading the existing Y plan or S plan. This installation also requires electrical work for a pump overrun (this is an industry requirement).

Pressurised Systems

Ideal for larger house with a large hot water demand. Installation guidelines are the same as a convensional system swap. Due to a pump and expansion chamber within the system boiler we will remove the central heating header tank.

Other Services

Joinery And Plastering Services

We have our own joiner and plasterer so if these is any boxing of pipes or kitchen cupboard alterations, floorboards to lift you can be assured of a professional job.

Electrical Services

We have our own electrical engineer.

– Full central heating upgrades from £2500
– Radiator replacement from £50
– Boiler servicing from £50
– Boiler Repair from £50
– System Flushing from £105
– Magna clean filers supplied and fitted from £130
– New programmers supplied and fitted from £125
– Thermastatic radiator valves supplied and fitted from £20