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As we are independent family run business we can offer independent advise on all leading boiler manufacturers. We supply and install only the very latest heating products from major suppliers, such as Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, and Valliant.

We are approved installers for all of these leading manufacturers and can offer a minimum of five years manufactures warranty on all parts and labour. We have deals on 7 and 8 year warranties.

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Combi Boilers

Over the past several years combi boilers has become the most popular source of heating as these are the most economical choice due to the fact they only draw hot water when it is required though its pressurised heating system.

Here is a typical description of the operation of a Combi Boiler;

Upon a signal from the room thermostat for the boiler to fire up the central heating system, the pump inside the boiler fires up. The water starts flowing passing through a narrow gap in the pipe (“venturi effect”) creating a pressure differential and causing the gas valve to open.

Gas is ignited in the main burner

The heat exchanger holds a limited amount of water, which is rapidly heated up, circulating around the boiler through the heat exchanger. Any expansion of the water is absorbed by the sealed expansion vessel.

When the water temperature reaches 60c the thermostatic element expands, the hot water system valve closes and the heating system valve opens, which allows water to flow to the central heating system.

A similar operations happens upon request for domestic hot water, but rather the valves operate in opposite directions, letting the water pass through to the domestic hot water circuit rather than the central heating system.

Gravity Fed Conventional Systems

In a fully vented system (with gravity cold water feed to hot water cylinder and radiator circuit venting into a small cistern – often sited in the loft) water is typically heated by a boiler then circulated via (zone valves) two 2 port valve or a single 3 port valve (depending on whether you have a ‘Y’ or ‘S’ plan configuration) to either;

The hot water cylinder’s boiler coil (heat exchanger) to generate hot water, and/or
To the radiators for heating.

Pressurised System Boiler

A pressurised system means that there is no cold water storage tank. Water is pre-heated at mains water pressure (depending on local mains water pressure this may vary) meaning that it is the perfect solution for properties that have a higher demand for hot water, such as those with multiple bathrooms. The advantage of a pressurised system is that the flow rates of the hot water will be improved throughout the property.

Oil And LPG Boiler

We are fully trained and registered with LPG and OFTEC for these types of installations. We are now one of the area’s leading installers of LPG and Oil boilers. All installations are covered with a five years manufacturers warranty. check out our deals on 7 year warranties on Worcester Bosch Greenstar oil boilers!!